On Target

Citizen satisfaction with the overall quality of life in the City (Q3c)

Measure Description/Definition

Every quarter, the City of Olathe has survey company ETC Institute conduct a statistically valid satisfaction survey of randomly selected Olathe residents. Approximately 500 survey responses are collected each quarter, and this is well above the 300 responses approximately needed for statistical validity on a population the size of Olathe.

The overall quality of life question is asked to better understand the general sense for community that exists with Olathe.

Target Determination

This target is determined by our City Manager's Office and places Olathe in the top 10% of all cities in the nation as surveyed by ETC Institute.


Only during one quarter over the past two years, has Olathe achieved a satisfaction score of less than 90%. Olathe has consistently maintained a very high level for how citizens view their quality of life in the City and this most recent quarter saw a score of 91%.

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