Citizen satisfaction with {Feeling of Safety} In City Parks (Q22c) (1Q & 3Q)

Measure Description/Definition

Every quarter, the City of Olathe has survey company ETC Institute conduct a statistically valid satisfaction survey of randomly selected Olathe residents. Approximately 500 survey responses are collected each quarter, and this is well above the 300 responses approximately needed for statistical validity on a population the size of Olathe.

This is a question asked only during the 1st and 3rd quarters each year. This measure is based on citizen perception and not actual crime statistics. Citizen perception of safety is important as it is a leading concern when people think about quality of life in a community.

Target Determination

The target is 75% and is determined by historical data and continued collaboration with the Olathe Police Department.


This measure has slightly improved since since Q3 2018.  This past quarter, a very thorough analysis using extensive business intelligence tools was recently conducted.  The office of Performance Management along with the Parks and Recreation and Police departments collaborated.  Statistical analysis, predictive analytics, GIS mapping, and benchmarking were all utilized.  Additional citizen research was also conducted.  Without any question it was confirmed that Olathe's parks are safe.  It is important that we look for ways to share this information and ideas have been identified for 2019 through using the Parks and Rec. app as well as other means.  Additionally, important considerations are being reviewed with the major updates happening at Lake Olathe. 

On Target Meeting Target | Caution Close to Target | Off Target Off Target


On Target Meeting Target
Caution Close to Target

Off Target Off Target

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