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DirectionFinder Overall Satisfaction Index (Council Key Result Indicator #1)

Measure Description/Definition

Every quarter, the City of Olathe has survey company ETC Institute conduct a statistically valid satisfaction survey of randomly selected Olathe residents. Approximately 500 survey responses are collected each quarter, and this is well above the 300 responses approximately needed for statistical validity on a population the size of Olathe.

The overall citizen satisfaction index is a perception indicator designed to reflect citizens’ overall satisfaction with their municipal governance and all City services.

Target Determination

The Overall Citizen Satisfaction Index had utilized 2000 as the base year for eleven years. The index was re-calibrated in 2012 to utilize 2012 as the baseline target of 100. The re-calibration reflects Olathe’s desire to set the standard of excellence in public service based on higher performance standards and current expectations of citizens.


Overall Satisfaction with City services continues to be above the 2012 baseline year, placing Olathe in the top 10% of all cities nationally. The index had a 1 point increase in 1Q 2017 compared to the prior quarter of 4Q 2016. This increase was led by the following:

  • Customer Service index which saw a 7 point increase - With the launch of the new Olatheks.org web site, citizen experience with a very important communication and customer service tool has been greatly enhanced.
  • Public Safety 5 point increase - The high quality response to recent events within the City is believed to have made a positive impact on citizen satisfaction within this area.
  • Transportation 5 point increase - Extra efforts were made by our Public Works department last quarter to survey residents after transportation and street maintenance projects. This has allowed them to enhance their service efforts.

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