% of 1st arriving unit within 5 minutes to medical calls.

Measure Description/Definition

Response times are commonly used to measure a fire department’s performance. Baseline times are evaluated against established standards set by the department. The Olathe Fire Department uses National Fire Protection Association standards (NFPA 1710) for this evaluation. The fire department's ability to respond quickly to medical calls has a direct correlation with the survivability of cardiac arrests and other medical emergencies.

Target Determination

The first arriving unit responds to medical calls in Olathe within 5 minutes 90 % of the time. This includes the time from when OFD units are notified of the call to when the first unit arrives on scene. It does not include the 9-1-1 call processing time.


The fire department works to improve response times in a variety of ways. Agreements are in place with neighboring fire departments and districts to provide automatic aid to send the closest units to critical medical calls even if the unit is from another jurisdiction. This aid system works because automatic vehicle location (AVL) technology tracks all fire apparatus to know where units are at all times throughout the county. In addition, when a unit is dispatched on a call, the crew receives automated routing information on the computers inside the trucks (MDTs). All of these tools work together to help improve response times.

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