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Solid Waste Diversion Rate (Council Key Result Indicator #14)

Measure Description/Definition

The key to assuring a sustainable environment for future generations is an efficient and responsible means for diverting waste from landfill disposal through waste reductions and reuse education efforts, drop-off and curbside collection of recyclables, yard waste composting operations and Household Hazardous Waste management, including e-waste. This measures the rate of waste that the City is able to divert from going into landfills.

Target Determination

Exceed the EPA National diversion rate of 34.5%.


In 2018, the solid waste diversion rate fell to 40.03% from 45.27% in 2017 (but still above the EPA diversion rate of 34.5%, the KC metro average of 36%, and the Johnson County average of 39%). In 2018, Olathe took a “Back to Basics” approach with a focus on quality over quantity and an effort to rebrand the drop-off sites to control contamination of the material collected in response to global recycling regulations changing. We are still meeting our goals for diversion by being above the national average and have the knowledge that our material is being recycled due to our partnership with the Waste Management Materials Recovery Facilities and its connections with domestic markets versus China with their recently implemented restrictions on certain types of recycling as well as the level of contamination of recycling. 

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