On Target

Solid Waste Diversion Rate (Council Key Result Indicator #15)

Measure Description/Definition

The key to assuring a sustainable environment for future generations is an efficient and responsible means for diverting waste from landfill disposal through waste reductions and reuse education efforts, drop-off and curbside collection of recyclables, yard waste composting operations and Household Hazardous Waste management, including e-waste. This measures the rate of waste that the City is able to divert from going into landfills.

Target Determination

Exceed the EPA National diversion rate of 34.5%.


Olathe’s Diversion rate fell from last quarter's ending rate of 51.61% to an ending 44.56% Annual Diversion Rate (YTD). July through September historically fall from Q2 rates while still staying above the 40% diversion goal. Olathe is currently on pace to exceed the 40% diversion goal.

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