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Citizen Satisfaction with the Overall Value Received for City Tax Dollars and Fees (Q3_8) (Council Key Result Indicator #3) (OPD)

Why Is This Important?

One of the best indicators for citizens who value their local government is if they feel their tax dollars are being used to better the community. By tactically aligning tax revenue with the 2040 Strategic Plan, Olathe can ensure that funding is going towards community wants and needs while also investing in the future, all while continuing to bring value to each citizens tax dollars.

Measure Description

Every quarter, the City of Olathe has survey company ETC Institute conduct a statistically valid satisfaction survey of randomly selected Olathe residents. Approximately 500 survey responses are collected each quarter, and this is well above the 300 responses approximately needed for statistical validity on a population the size of Olathe.

The level of satisfaction among residents with the value received for City taxes and fees is one of ETC Institute's best indicators for assessing the effectiveness of service delivery by local governments. This question is designed to help local governments objectively assess whether, or not, increased levels of satisfaction are being obtained at a price that is reasonable to residents. If services improve, but the cost of improving services becomes too high, residents might rate the quality of individual services higher, but their overall perceptions of the value they receive for their taxes could decline.

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