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Why Is This Important?
Ensuring that new zoning cases align with the goals established in the comprehensive plan ensures that the steps we are taking are furthering the goals and vision for orderly growth and development established in Olathe.  This provides property owners with a reasonable expectation of growth, ensurance that proper infrastructure and services are in place that can support the type of land use.  This helps us to know that the work we are doing and actions we take continue to further our established goals for the vision of how the community grows. 

Measure Description

In 2010, the City developed a comprehensive plan outlining the community’s vision for how Olathe will grow today and in the future. The Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2016.  While the Comprehensive Plan is full of long term goals and policies for the vision of growth and development in the City, the Future Land Use Map section of this Plan specifically speaks to types of land uses desired under this vision.   In the last 10 years, the land-use, planning trends, and development has changed substantially. The first goal in this measure will be developing a new Comprehensive Plan that identifies Olathe's growth goals throughout the City, what our vision is for future growth and development, and updates to illustrate this for specific areas of land in the Future Land Use Map.  

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