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Why Is This Important?
Olathe continually looks to use innovative and technologically advanced solutions to make impactful improvements for City processes and service delivery to residents, visitors, and businesses. Smart City initiatives are defined as ways that the City can use technologic improvements to advance service delivery in any of its service. By continually innovating and looking towards new, efficient, and technologically advanced Smart City initiatives to problems, Olathe can stay on the forefront of City government service delivery, while meeting expectations of citizens to align technology advancement pace with other service delivery providers.
Measure Description

The development of this measure is currently under construction. Staff is working to develop a methodology that will accurately measure Olathe's performance in order to achieve the goals outlined in Olathe 2040:Future Ready.

A Smart City initiative is one that leverages technology in urban areas to improve the services and quality of life offered by the city.  This measure is to track the implementation of technological implementations made by the city for the improvement of the community and services offered within it.

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