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Why Is This Important?
This measure will allow the City to evaluate the performance of key cooridors.  The upward or downward trends along major corridors will allow staff to make data based recommendations for large transportation projects.
Measure Description
The development of this measure is currently under construction. Staff is working to develop a methodology that will accurately measure Olathe's performance in order to achieve the goals outlined in Olathe 2040:Future Ready. 

The City continues to improve on its transportation network and ease of traveling by car throughout Olathe. This measure showcases the percentage of arterials in the City that are congested during rush hour. While traffic and congestion is often a byproduct of a growing and thriving City, the City continues to work on improving traffic flow through improvements such as traffic signalization and geometric improvements. Measuring the percentage of congested arterials (generally measured as cars traveling at 30 MPH or faster) will be helpful showcasing the City's traffic flow improvements as well as identifying areas of improvement.

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