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Green Scorecard: % of development that incorporates Green Infrastructure Initiative into the site design and development (Under Construction)

Why Is This Important?
This scorecard will help to identify and measure the impacts of new development activity on the environment to ensure best practices are being considered and implemented for development and buildout during our reviews and by private developers.  This is through a variety of environmental and sustainability best practices  to promote Green Infrastructure with use of solar, tree preservation, native plantings, minimizing excessing paving, parking and architecture design.  This rating will help us determine the eninvornmental impacts of our reviews and recommendations, as well as code compliance and when waiver requests are made. 
Measure Description
The development of this measure is currently under construction. Staff is working to develop a methodology that will accurately measure Olathe's performance in order to achieve the goals outlined in Olathe 2040:Future Ready. 

Planning staff have worked to develop a scorecard that measures the percentage of a project plan incorporating green infrastructure initiatives into site design and development. This scorecard will be filled out and rated during the planning process for new developments. While initially it will not impact approval of projects, it will be a strong indicator on how current and future developments utilize green infrastructure initiatives.

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