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Why Is This Important?
The rate of crashes caused by distracted driving is a key component of the overall safety of the motoring public. In 2040, the City of Olathe will safeguard public health and the environment. A key goal outlined in Olathe 2040: Future ready is to eliminate crashed for all modes of transportation. The City of Olathe is consistently making a concerted effort to ensure Olathians can travel safely through the City. This measure will help to better gauge progress towards completing our goal. 
Measure Description

The development of this measure is currently under construction. Staff is working to develop a methodology that will accurately measure Olathe's performance in order to achieve the goals outlined in Olathe 2040:Future Ready. 

Olathe Police Department is currently working to further develop the methodology needed to track the number of incidents and crashes caused by distracted driving. 

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