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Why Is This Important?
The sign of a healthy and growing downtown is the growth of its property value. Olathe looks to increase downtowns value by revitalizing and redeveloping aging residential and commercial real estate and in turn improve the attractiveness and sustainability of the built environment. Additionally, Olathe's downtown has historically been a government center, by investing in shopping, dining, entertainment, and living opportunities, downtown can be a place to fulfill the daily needs of citizens and employees, all while promoting a unique place and experience.
Measure Description

The Total Appraised Value of Downtown represents the fair market value of the Downtown District in the City of Olathe. The Downtown District Area can be found in the Envision Olathe Plan. The data is derived from the Johnson County Appraiser's Office and the Economy Planning Division, with the goal to have doubled the valuation of downtown by 2040.

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