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Why Is This Important?

Hotel occupancy is one of the key measurements for the Tourism Industry both Nationwide and locally in Olathe.  The occupancy of our 17 hotels allows us insight to their current performance, comparison to last year, and also offers the ability to forecast the future.  Olathe continues to cater to travelers, just like it did back in the 1850’s when it served as a stop on the Sante Fe, Oregon and California Trails.  Visitor spending surpassed $250 million in 2017, supported 3,654 jobs in the city, and generated $47.1 million in tax revenue with $26.6 million accruing to state and local governments.  

Measure Description

The Hotel Occupancy Rate monitored by the Olathe Chamber of Commerce is the ratio of rented or used hotel/conference space to the total amount of available space in Olathe. By consistently benchmarking our data to Johnson County, we can accurately see how well we are doing in this measure relative to the region.

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