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Why Is This Important?
In 2040, neighborhoods are welcoming and have a sense of community and place. The City of Olathe intends to ensure all citizens are able to cultivate a high sense of belonging and passion for their community. In order to accomplish this, all citizens, new and existing, should feel they are welcome. Olathe will continuously work to ensure citizens of every background are happy, healthy and attached to their community. 
Measure Description

The development of this measure is currently under construction. Staff is working to develop a methodology that will accurately measure Olathe's performance in order to achieve the goals outlined in Olathe 2040:Future Ready.

The Welcoming Community Index measures citizens satisfaction with the City's efforts to promote diversity and the overall sense of community in Olathe. The data is pulled from the DirectionFinder Survey and is reported annually. Additionally, the Index encompasses the existing Diversity Index with new DirectionFinder survey questions added to the 2021 survey that help gauge citizens perception of happiness, healthiness and sense of community.  

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